Welcome to RodeoPay's 1099 Form Preparation Service

Rodeo Committee Registers And Opts-in

At Years End RodeoPay Creates 1099's

RodeoPay Bills Credit Card $7.99 Per 1099 Form Prepared

Individual Forms Available In RodeoPay Accounts.
Hard Copies Mailed.
All Contestant 1099's Available In Committees RodeoPay Account.

Form 1042-S will be $30 per form prepared (International Contestants).

Cost: $7.99 per 1099 Form Prepared
Frequently Asked Questions:
Question : By opting-in, will RodeoPay prepare 1099's for my PRCA & WPRA winners?
Answer : Yes. You only have to opt-in once with RodeoPay. By opting-in 1099's for both PRCA & WPRA contestants will be prepared

Question : Do I have to opt-in each year or is the opt-in continual?
Answer : You do have to opt-in each year. The current opt-in is for the 2021 tax year only. (Jan 1, 2021 to Dec 31, 2021.)

Question : Do I need to File anything with the tax authorities?
Answer : No. Once you have opted-in, you are done. RodeoPay will handle everything from there.

Question : If I have more than one rodeo, do I need to register more than once?
Answer : No, when you register for one rodeo, it will register you for all rodeos associated with that Tax ID number (EIN).

Question : When will my 1099 forms be available?
Answer : You will receive an email notifying you that your forms are available. This email will come after the January 31st IRS 1099 filing deadline.

Question : How and when do I pay for the 1099 forms prepared?
Answer : After forms are complete and filed, we will charge your credit card that was provided during registration. An invoice will be emailed for your records.

Question : How do the rodeo contestants receive their tax forms?
Answer : A physical 1099/1042-S form will be mailed to each contestant. A digital copy of the form will be available through the contestants RodeoPay account.